Re: [dev] dwm: bug in fullscreen mode (SDL?)

From: Eremite <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 11:14:21 +0500

Eckehard Berns <> wrote:

> It seems that the problem isn't the reparenting stuff. The attached
> patch for SDL-1.2.14 worked for me.
> If anyone is interested, here is what happens:
> SDL creates two windows: FSwindow and WMwindow. FSwindow has the
> override redirect flag set, and WMwindow is ment to be managed by the wm
> for windowed mode. The actual drawing happens in SDL_Window. In windowed
> mode the SDL_Window is a child of WMwindow. As soon as the app requests
> full screen mode the SDL_Window is reparented into the FSwindow which
> then stretches the whole screen.
> The problem is that the WMwindow is also created and managed by dwm. As
> soon as the screen resolution is changed, dwm raises the bar and restacks
> all tiled windows (including the empty - thus black) WMwindow just below
> the bar. Now all managed windows are above the FSwindow. This also
> explains why full screen mode works when the resolution doesn't change,
> since then the stacking order of the windows stays and FSwindow is still
> on top.
> Thinking about this, another way to fix this problem would be to
> change all XRaiseWindow calls in dwm to restacking them just below the
> bar and never raising the bar. That way dwm would play nicely with other
> override redirect windows as well. I don't know if that would be worth
> it.
> --
> Eckehard Berns

thank you very much!
patch work for me too :)
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