[dev] [dwm] strange behavior with mupdf

From: Uli Armbruster <uli.armbruster_AT_googlemail.com>
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2012 14:45:42 +0100

Hi guys

Dwm is almost perfect for me, actually there are only two things I don't like, one of them I want to discuss here, because I don't have any idea what causes this.

When I open a pdf with mupdf (http://mupdf.com), my pdf viewer of choice, it looks like this:

Hidden bar (you don't need to know everything :P ) with rxvt-unicode opened, about to open a pdf file http://www.unstucc.de/myspace/2012-02-02-143816_1440x900_scrot.png
Pressed <Enter> to open the pdf, now it looks like this http://www.unstucc.de/myspace/2012-02-02-143819_1440x900_scrot.png
After that, I refocus the terminal http://www.unstucc.de/myspace/2012-02-02-143823_1440x900_scrot.png
and go back to mupdf http://www.unstucc.de/myspace/2012-02-02-143826_1440x900_scrot.png

Means, only after refocusing mupdf, it looks fine. It doesn't depend on this certain pdf file, it happens with all pdf files. It also doesn't depend on the layout I use. Using no layout (floating) it's fine.

This doesn't happen with any other tiling window manager I came across (and I tried MANY before I gave dwm a real try and kinda fell in love with)

Can somebody confirm this? Or even know a way to fix this?

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