Re: [dev] [st] 0.2 is out

From: Andrew Hills <>
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2012 09:22:45 -0500

The SHELL macro from config.h isn't used; instead, the shell is
grabbed with getenv("SHELL"). I guess this was the default behavior
before, but the last time I used st-0.1.1 I didn't mind having bash as
my shell, so I didn't catch it--sorry. The macro should be removed
from config.def.h if it's not used; attached is a patch for st-0.2
that doesn't use getenv(), which works for me because I don't have a
choice of setting $SHELL when dwm is launched. I'm sure someone will
have a better idea for handling this, or I could have changed the
termcmd in dwm's config.h, or whatever.

--Andrew Hills

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