Re: [dev] [st and terminals] About escape sequences and stuff

From: Guillaume Quintin <>
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2012 17:25:08 +0100

Thanks for the pointer. I just read Chapter 6 and I agree with
most of it. Is there any plans for st to go towards a ``good"
direction ? I mean using maybe unusual but saner control
or escape sequences, support all colors (2^24 or 2^32) at
the same time ? Writing a saner library than ncurses that
knows only st and try to convince other terminal emulator
writers to do the same: support exactly the same sequences.
I don't know what a ``good" direction would be, I was just
thinking aloud.


2012/2/9, Kurt H Maier <>:
> Please see the Unix Haters' Handbook[1], Part 1, Chapter 6.
> [1] -
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