Re: [dev] [st and terminals] About escape sequences and stuff

From: Chris Siebenmann <>
Date: Thu, 09 Feb 2012 12:02:39 -0500

| Writing a saner library than ncurses that knows only st and try to
| convince other terminal emulator writers to do the same: support
| exactly the same sequences.

 Replacing ncurses with a hardcoded library is not a workable approach.

 Unix systems today are accessed from far more environments than simply
X Windows terminal emulators. Even if all such programs were updated
to the new escape sequences, an ncurses-equivalent library that only
supports them would not work for everyone ssh'ing in to Unix systems
from Mac OS X, from Windows, from various smartphones and other devices,
and for those quixotic people who are still using real serial terminals
(or in some cases emulations of them). More precisely, any program that
used this new library would be nonfunctional for such people.

        - cks
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