Re: [dev] [st] htop, tmux, terminfo

From: Martin Kopta <>
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2012 09:15:34 +0100

On 02/12/2012 01:12 AM, Rob wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 12:59:30AM +0100, Martin Kopta wrote:
>> The process viewer htop isn't drawing properly in st [1].
>> Is there know solution for st/htop drawing problem?
> This is a known "bug", I think the thread on it before is here [1]
> Basically, st doesn't have a bold/bright colour, and just uses normal
> black
>> I have also noticed that when I log into some system via ssh, tmux
>> won't let me attach my sessions due missing terminfo for
>> st-256color. Well, for my private servers, I just scp .terminfo
>> directory and problem is solved. However, I co-manage lots of
>> various company servers and customer servers and copying .terminfo
>> into each of them is just silly. Changing TERM to "xterm" forces
>> apps run, but drawing goes mostly horribly wrong. So, my second
>> question:
>> How do you deal with st, terminfo of st and ssh to lots of various servers?
>> [1]
> for s in $(grep '^Host' .ssh/config | awk '{print $2}')
> do ssh $s tic -< path/to/
> done
> or whatever to get tic to read stdin

I hoped for easy solution where I won't have to modify all the hosts I
know and all the hosts I will ever meet in the future. Thank you however
for your proposed solution.

> Thanks,
> Rob

Thank you.

> [1]

Thank you for pointing me back to the original messages about st/htop.
Unfortunately, as I said, I haven't find any solution. The message from
Stefan Mark does mention that "I agree that in case of htop its a bug,
because both ways (st and xterm) are correct (as far as i know), so it
should be usable without the patch.", but as I have shown in attached
screenshot, it (st/htop) is not usable as it is and I was unable to find
any patches or any other solution. Maybe I have just messed up something
in my system.

Does htop in st works properly for others?

I am not particularly up to htop actually. I am just afraid there is
lots of other app with the same issue and I just haven't met them yet in
my short time of using st.

Thank you again for any useful answers,
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