Re: [dev] [dwm] question regarding floating clients being always on top

From: Uli Armbruster <>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2012 16:11:39 +0100

* Ivan Kanakarakis <> [20.02.2012 14:20]:
> On 20 February 2012 15:16, Uli Armbruster <>wrote:
> > Hi there
> >
> > I'm willing to solve this by myself, despite my lack of real C-knowledge,
> > but I need some hints at least:
> >
> > By default, floating clients are always on top of tiled clients. I'd like
> > to change this behavior to make it possible to use floating and tiled
> > clients together (either having the same tag or if multiple tags are
> > selected) so the currently selected client is on top, no matter if it's
> > floating or tiled.
> >
> > So, where can I find this in the source code?
> >
> >
> read how focus works (focus(..); unfocus(..);)
> and how and when XRaiseWindow is called

Ok, I tried it, played a bit with the code, but it seems like I can't figure it out...

What I got so far is, this makes sense to me, because I want focused clients to be raised. But this only causes tiled clients to pop to the top for a very short moment, but it doesn't stay on top. Ivan gave me the hint to look into the other focus functions (focusin etc.), but I just can't figure it out...

So, I'd be very happy if one of you guys could look into it and show me how it's done :)

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