[dev] [dwm] misbehavior with the urgent hint

From: Uli Armbruster <uli.armbruster_AT_googlemail.com>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 19:23:40 +0100

Hi guys

There's only one thing left with dwm which bugs me a bit. So you can reproduce it, here's what's happening:

I use e.g. newsbeuter to read the latest news. If if want to read an article, I hit 'o' so it opens in a web browser. I use luakit <http://luakit.org>. In dwm's config.h, I assigned luakit to tag 2. Right now I'm using newsbeuter which is on tag 1. Now, if luakit isn't open already, I press 'o' and luakit opens on tag 2. The bar indicates that there's a new client on tag 2. Now, if I open another article hitting 'o' in newsbeuter, the bar shows the urgent hint (with reversed colors) just for the blink of an eye. So luakit sends this urgency signal, but dwm doesn't receive it. But if I go to tag 2, so I see luakit for the first time and go back to tag 1 to open another article via newsbeuter, then the urgent hint works.

Why is that?

It's a bit difficult to explain in a non-mother tongue. I hope you get what I mean. Btw, I know that "go to tag 2" might be wrong, maybe it would be better to say "changed the view to only view clients tagged with '2' ", since we don't have workspaces here.

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