Re: [dev] dmenu idea and diff, Ability to set menu width

From: Josh Hogan <>
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2012 10:39:56 -0700

This particular flag was built with vertical in mind. The only use in
Horizontal mode would be if there were parts of your status bar you didn't
want hidden (dmenu everything but the tray & clock for example).

While I like the idea of dynamic resizing in general It does cause some
inconsistent behaviors. You have a consistently shrinking menu as you type
that will grow again as you are making corrections and can be a bit
disorienting as you're typing. It also means that you will need to walk
through the entire result list every time you press a character to recalc
the width. Walking through the visible options could work but that means
that as you're scrolling through results your menu will keep resizing. Also
starting with full width means that as soon as you load up dmenu you are
welcomed with a large amount of your screen covered with non-useful

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On 7 March 2012 07:05, Josh Hogan <> wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback on the diff format, I was using the normal old
> diff
> tool for the original diff file. I created and attached a new one using
> hg
> diff which looks like it would fit the format you mentioned. The patch
> is
> built from the mercurial tip from about 2 days ago.

I think this is only useful for the vertical dmenu mode. Wouldn't it
be more useful to determine the width dynamically instead for the
longest menu item in such a case? (Initially full screen width, but
once all input items have been processed a resize would do). Thus an
additional flage wouldn't be required either.

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