Re: [dev] I'm back

From: Thuban <>
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2012 19:15:33 +0100

The mouse functionnality in dwm bar could become a patch, no more
mainline. I don't use it often, but when I do it's to launch a 9menu.

I concur with Nick about the bar, I need it and I trust the dwm one.

It's good to hear from you


Le 18:20:03 le 17 nov. 2012 , Anselm R Garbe a écrit :
> Hi there,
> I'm back in the game ;)
> Here is my master plan:
> dwm
> ---
> (i) First I plan a new dwm release with the introduction of draw{.h,c}
> or libdraw. The idea is to abstract all the PCF/Xft cruft away from
> the dwm implementation and to define a clean draw.h interface to be
> used instead. This should also be incorporated into dmenu and st.
> For this there are two options:
> a) requiring an additional library dependency at build time (I'm not
> the biggest proponent for this idea)
> b) using cloned draw.{h,c}'s in st/dmenu/dwm, whereas the dwm
> implementation is the master
> (ii) Another aspect on the dwm roadmap is a reimplementation of the
> current multi-screen handling. It still contains some weird bugs in
> special setups with same screen sizes. Those don't seem to be easily
> fixable with the current updategeom() handling.
> (iii) A third idea is an old idea that 20h brought into the discussion
> when investigating 2wm. The man page of 2wm mentions sbar, which was
> abandoned a couple of years ago. My question here is:
> -> is there anyone who uses the mouse functionality of the dwm bar
> right now? Could you live without it?
> I barely use the mouse for the dwm bar and would be in favour for
> removing the bar altogether from dwm. Instead I would output the
> current dwm state to stdout which could be used by a different program
> like sbar for input. But I wouldn't add an interface to dwm to change
> the tags through X props or some other command interface (like stdin
> processing) to allow other programs to amend the dwm tags. Good old
> key commands would be enough for me.
> I know that some of you are inclined to use dwm on tablets. But I'm
> not convinced that tablets or touch interfaces in general are a nice
> fit with the terminal world we live in.
> dmenu
> -----
> dmenu needs some fixes. The removal of config.h is the wrong way it
> took. If someone stays with hg of dmenu or uses the releases, he has
> to do conflict management now with dmenu.c changes.
> ------
> To me archlinux was a good distro until a couple of years ago.
> Nowadays it seems to be very en vogue and thus has degraded quite
> significantly in terms of simplicity. I'm not aware of any distro that
> would come close to the radical goals of stali, thus this is the real
> effort must work on. I believe that the Android core as
> a base system is the best platform to base on.
> Best regards,
> Anselm

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