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From: pancake <>
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2012 20:06:05 +0100

I rewrote stow in guile about 10 years ago when I did my gnu/hurd distro it was much more maintainable and short.. Not because of perl, but gnu. But well.. I dont think this is going to give anything good to the discussion.

I use arch nowadays but im sure it will not be my next prefered distro when i have to install on a new system. Probably will move/try to voidlinux.

About libdraw.. I see more sense of libdraw for swk (which is sadly abandoded) than in dwm. I dont see any need to abstract the x11 drawing access for just the few things dwm draws there. And probably in a matter of 2 years everybody will move to wayland. And then, a fork will be probably the best thing to do than trying to just separate the drawing thingy.

About the bar.. I never click on it. Only my fathers do and thats because i hooked a 'visual menu' to launch apps or kill windows with right click. I would prefer to have the bar optional rather than killing it, if we support external bars we will need to design a way to communicate dwm with it and we will make it much more complex.. And we will see screenshots on the internets with people using gtk menubars and pink ponies in translucend terminal background. And that's something we don't want.

About pkgsystem i wrote slpm, and im still using it on several systems (linux, bsd, osx, ios..) and it works fine for my needs. It's now in github if anyone wants to try.

About musl/android... Im gonna add another stuff to the suckless todo list: Its a 1 guy project that runs on several kernels (netbsd, linux mainly) and aims to implement the whole userland, from libc, to compiler and ui apps.

Actually the libc is c-only (no fancy asm optimizations), but compiles nicely and works on several kernels.. And it can run even gtk, so i guess its quite complete.


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>> GNU Stow also.
> Oh, yeah, that's what we need: more perl.
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