Re: [dev] Minimal distributions

From: Hugues Moretto-Viry <>
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2012 15:54:40 +0100

2012/11/23 Hadrian Węgrzynowski <>

> What you want most probably does not exist. I'm quite sure that
> you've seen Wikipedia list of rolling release distros [1]. But somehow
> you aren't convinced. As seen previously in such threads there will
> be no helpful conclusions. You can prepare for: "everything sucks", "you
> suck" or "make your own".
> Do you want minimal installation as in minimal installation and big
> available software repository or as in minimal installation and not
> much more? If the former you already know that you can choose
> only from derivatives of popular distributions. If the latter can you
> really expect satisfactory rolling release model?
> You want "our" opinion, but there is "No need to talk about (...)".
> Maybe there is not a lot more to say then?
> GNU/Linux distribution that you would like does not exist (yet?).
> [1]
Thank you for your constructive answer. Actually, I looked this page but I
think many distribs are missing, just because they're not known.
That's why I asked this question. I thought some persons use something I
don't know.

I think you misunderstood me about "No need to talk about...". It was
related to Gentoo and Slackware I already know.
I wanted to avoid unpleasant comments like "Use google & you'll find
Your opinion still interests me.

And for GNU, it's kinda a language abuse. I try to not forgot GNU when I
talk about Linux.

2012/11/23 Kurt H Maier

> He's in charge here! Just spit out the required information! Adhere to
> the parameters set! Why are you arguing? Immediate response is the
> only thing that suits a man in his position!

At least you could try to be respectful. I respect you why not doing the
same with me?

Thanks for the others.
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