Re: [dev] [suckless] Migration to git

From: pancake <>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 17:32:23 +0100

git flags are crap using getoptlong, i always wondered why nobody did
a saner (hg like) frontend for git (maybe using libgit2?) and using only
one letter flags .

also i would support any mercurial rewrite in C, but mercurial people
will probably laught on you.

i also tried once to simplify the source of git.. by removing useless
features.. but it was nearly impossible because everything is tied up
with other stuff.

Anyway my reason for moving to git was because python crap broke my
mercurial installation and i got tired of setting up PYTHONPATH.

On 11/26/12 17:08, Roberto E. Vargas Caballero wrote:
>> The git source tree is more than four hundred percent bigger than the
> are you comparing the size of a project in python with the size of a project
> written in C?. The logical relation should be 2 times the size of hg, and
> then you could say that they have a similar size.
>> mercurial source tree. git ships more than 160 *man pages*. It is the
> It is due to git keeps the api in small programs than you could use in your
> scripts. These small programs are 100% Unix philosophy (do only one thing and
> do it fine, write an output that can be used as input for other, ...). Work
> with these low-level progams (plumbling in git vocabulary) is hard, and it
> is the reason git have a 'user friendly' (porcelain in git vocabulary)
> programs, which are pretty similar to these you can find in mercurial. If
> you don't need an advanced use of git then you will read only the pages of
> porcelain programs, whose number is similar to the programs in mercurial.
> Maybe you like more have a library and have to link all the others programs
> with it, and duplicate the work in all the binaries where the library is
> linked, instead of using small programs.
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