Re: [dev] [suckless] Migration to git

From: pancake <>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 17:55:33 +0100

On 11/26/12 17:33, Kurt H Maier wrote:
> programming languages, and pretending it's 'simple' because it's broken

git = 126.000 C
libgit2 = 37.000
mercurial = 34.000 python + 3000 in C

if you say that python loc is 2x times the same done in C then we should
move to libgit2 with a decent frontend that can be just few lines of
code linking to libgit2 statically.

37.000 LOCs is still a lot, so.. i would like to see a mercurial
implementation in C

about hgfs... it is using the mercurial python module, right? because
the googlecode svn repo is empty.. or am i pointing to the wrong hgfs?
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