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> Subject: Gathering for Uriel. Need photos!!!
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> Dear all of You,
> On the 12 of January, two days after Uriels birthday, we will arrange
> a gathering for Uriel. (Some of you have heard it before. Sorry if I
> repeat myself.)
> We will heat up and decorate my little Gallery. On the wall there will
> be a pictureshow (with photos of Uriel that I hope you all will send
> me) and we will listen to the music he himseif has chosen and we will
> drink to each others wellbeeing and in memeory of Uriel.
> Thereafter we will go to a beautiful place with big oaks to spread
> some seads for the birds that his mothers has sent to me.
> Back home we will have a meal and I hope a more jolly time
> together. Ureil wanted us to celebrate! So let us have a good
> meal and a nice
> time together.
> I have once more contacted Uriels mother and asked her if she wouldn´t
> like to come to chose what she wants from his belongings and take part
> in the gathering. What ever happens in that respect, we will
> distribute his belongings early in the morning the 12 and I hope it
> will be done in a nice way. In advance we will put aside those things
> that Uriel has mentioned and the small less valuable things you
> already have mentioned. Then we draw lots, 1 2 3 ....One after another
> we chose what he or she wants, then we go the other way round 3.2.1...
> Do not expect to much...Let it be a nice quiet moment!
> And above all we do not know what Uriels mother really wants. First
> she asked me not to distribute anything and then she has said that she
> wants nothing, but I can´t accept that as a final answer, until I have
> got it once more confirmed from her.
> About lodging: Andrea asked me if I knew a place. I hesitated... but
> my answer is now that you can all sleep in the bigger room. There is a
> dubbelbed,and a sofa and we can bring in Uriels bed, the rest will
> have to sleep on the floor. The kitchen and other rooms, I think, we
> will need for sorting things up.
> Welcome all of you and please contact those I have no mail
> address to and mail me an answer hopefully with photos of Uriel.
> For today,
> Marie
> P.S. The colourful ribbons I have asked permission to take aside. You
> will get some pieces each.

Of all the disturbing/irritating and entertaining things on this list,
this is one of the most noble things I have ever got to read. I am
shaken from your respect of our fallen, and I want to give my
condolences. Have some enlightenment, share some fun with it and honor
what is and was dear to you, since it's nothing any troll could take
away from you. Have my cheap excuse that I completely miss the
geographic circumstance of said meeting, as well as my awareness
towards my inability to properly arrange my financial matters. I offer
my best wishes instead and would spare a tear for some beautiful
photos of a couple of folks I'd prefer. I guess my own parting
wouldn't even make it to this list.

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