[dev] surf 0.6 issues

From: Donald Allen <donaldcallen_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2013 10:04:20 -0500

I'm running surf 0.6 on an x86_64 Arch Linux system. The new version
seems to be an improvement overall (some problems with gmail are
gone), but here are some issues I've noticed:

1. Attempting to play youtube videos frequently results in youtube
reporting that "This video is currently unavailable." after briefly
displaying the spinning icon usually seen when downloading. The same
videos play properly in firefox. And no, I have not disabled plugins.
I simply ran 'surf www.youtube.com'.

2. I am still seeing issues in gmail. For example, after clicking an
unread message (bold) in the message summary and reading it, when I
return to the summary, the bold indication on the message is still
present. I also see complaints from gmail in the left pane that it has
lost connectivity and is trying to restore it. This happens
intermittently. This is on a machine with a wired connection to the
network. I don't see this symptom in firefox on the same machine.

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