Re: [dev] surf 0.6 issues

From: Jens Nyberg <>
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2013 16:13:20 +0100

2013/2/17 Donald Allen <>:
> I'm running surf 0.6 on an x86_64 Arch Linux system. The new version
> seems to be an improvement overall (some problems with gmail are
> gone), but here are some issues I've noticed:
> 1. Attempting to play youtube videos frequently results in youtube
> reporting that "This video is currently unavailable." after briefly
> displaying the spinning icon usually seen when downloading. The same
> videos play properly in firefox. And no, I have not disabled plugins.
> I simply ran 'surf'.lve

Remove your cookie file. ~/.surf/cookies.txt probably. That will solve
that problem.

> 2. I am still seeing issues in gmail. For example, after clicking an
> unread message (bold) in the message summary and reading it, when I
> return to the summary, the bold indication on the message is still
> present. I also see complaints from gmail in the left pane that it has
> lost connectivity and is trying to restore it. This happens
> intermittently. This is on a machine with a wired connection to the
> network. I don't see this symptom in firefox on the same machine.
> /Don

Yupp Ive noticed that too. I dont know what going on herle. I'm not
sure surf is even to blame for this.
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