Re: [dev] [slcon] Call for Papers 2013

From: Szabolcs Nagy <>
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2013 13:39:09 +0100

* Christoph Lohmann <> [2013-03-17 09:40:30 +0100]:
> The call for registration is over. With 12 registered attendees the con???
> ference is going to be a nice and productive meeting of all suckless
> people.
> People now registering for the event should register a talk too. Other???
> wise it???s unfair.

umm so the registration is not over yet

i havent seen the conference discussed here much yet and
it would be nice to see some

> * Send the title and a description of what you will present to con_AT_MAILHOST
> until 2013-04-15.

i was thinking about two topics i could give a talk on,
one is about musl libc and another about general
programming language issues

1) Bugs found by musl
(what happens when a high quality libc meets our modern
software ecosystem)
i plan to pick a few issues and show how a new libc can
be (and is) beneficial, an assorted list for the curious:

2) The costs of abstraction
(why still c is the only serious programming language)
i dont have much to show for this yet, but i wrote about
a memory management issue recently that is related:

these topics are only tangentially relevant to suckless
so i thought i'll put them out here before registering
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