Re: [dev] [st] st 0.4 slow startup

From: Nick <>
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2013 09:06:54 +0100

Hi Igor,

Quoth Igor Šarić:
> I just tested the commit Chris posted.
> Yes, that commit is the cause of the startup delay:

The startup delay doesn't seem to be affecting most people. That
commit adds the font fallback mechanism if a glyph isn't found in
the current font (an incredibly useful feature). I wonder whether
the font you chose in config.h doesn't have the glyphs you tend to
use, and hence st quietly has to iterate through other fonts in the
cache to fond a more appropriate one.

Can you try configuring a few different default fonts, and see if
that affects the startup time? "DejaVu Sans Mono" has a lot of
glyphs, maybe start with that.

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