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From: Edgaras <>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 12:19:53 +0300

On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 03:08:12AM +0400, Alexander Sedov wrote:
> Oh, look, how nice, religious wars at dev_AT_suckless, and my favourite
> "argument" about Windows being crappy operating system with absolutely
> no justification. Religious people never justify their views, I guess.
> About the "lock-in": drivers may be the case, but applications can not
> be "lock-in". If somebody goes and creates amazingly beautiful
> operating system called, for example, Plot C right now, incompatible
> with either Linux drivers (which KolibriOS for example is compatible
> with), Windows drivers, and every app out there in the world because
> it doesn't conform to outdated standards nor does it attempts to
> provide compatibility, and then he'll cry about how all users are
> locked in and nobody uses his beauty, I'll call him stupid. It's not
> "lock-in", it's he hasn't attempted to make his OS usable.
> Same thing applies, with two orders of magnitude lower, to Linux. Go
> open your package manager or open Github if you don't have one, and
> look what's there. Mostly some arcane shit, as fruitless as a
> proverbial fig tree, some clones of Windows apps, clones of clones of
> Windows apps, attempts to rewrite and revise libraries, magically make
> less buggy changing an API, and so on.
> We have so many music players, each better and slicker that others,
> but still unusable as hell. We have buggy applications written in GTK+
> that crash depending on moon phase. We have I don't know how many
> libraries for data serialization and datetime handling and whatnot,
> and I'd bet fifty bucks that almost all of them started "this
> bloatware sucks, let's come with something simple and funny to write".
> All that unbearable crap actually helps greatly. If you do not give up
> trying to make all that shit actually kind of work, because their
> developers thought only about fun and elegance, not usability, you
> learn a lot of new things, and that's very cool. But it's not for
> normal people, no. It's either for masochists or elitists.

The mythical normal people are not so normal, and majority argument is and
always was bullshit. Yes there is majority and one need to deal with it, but
majority neved makes anything right or correct. Never made earth flat.

Form your sentiment one gets impression that you think that situation is any
better with windows software, and if you tink like that thats not even funny.

As for "normal users" they need a good kick in a nuts to wake up and learn to
learn tools that they use. If people got behind car wheel with atitude they get
behind computer life would get terrible very quickly for everyone. As someone
in some comment on slashdot stated: computig is only field where people come
knowing nothing about it, work with computer for 10 years and still do no know
shit about thier tool. That is pathetic.

I bet my ass you have encounteres some "data entrants" in public places like
bank or some such where entran selects every field with fuckin mouse, cause
they cant bother to know that there ara button right under the finger that tkes
one to next field. And I bet if you come to same entrant after couple of yers
he/she will still be doing same thing.

Pandering to ignorance and "making things user friendly" does not solve shit.
Ever heard saying about making shit idiot proof? It's just a chalange for
nature to make better idiots. To improve society one needs to educati people.

Sure there is compasion and stuff, no everyone has time to achieve even
moderatly in depth knowledge of computers. But man things should have limits,
and sometimes it seems to me that in current world almost everyone is spouting
endless compasion. Or maybe just everyone likes the concept of non existent
personal responsibilty. And of course there always are such nice wendors like
apple who are there to "remove your confusion" for a price of course.
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