Re: [dev] [st] windows port?

From: Alexander Sedov <>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 13:53:08 +0400

> Form your sentiment one gets impression that you think that situation is any
> better with windows software, and if you tink like that thats not even funny.
It's not better in average, yes. But dispersion is much greater. There
are IE search bars and there are nice professional tools.
And one usually avoids IE bars.
> As for "normal users" they need a good kick in a nuts to wake up and learn to
> learn tools that they use. If people got behind car wheel with atitude they get
> behind computer life would get terrible very quickly for everyone. As someone
> in some comment on slashdot stated: computig is only field where people come
> knowing nothing about it, work with computer for 10 years and still do no know
> shit about thier tool. That is pathetic.
No, they do not.
Computers are complex. If you understand computing or you think so
doesn't mean everybody should.
They need to do what they need to do, not spending their time trying
to figure how to do something with computer harder better faster
Especially not reading those manual pages.
Also, slashdot guy is wrong. Another example is buying physics against
common cold, for example.
> I bet my ass you have encounteres some "data entrants" in public places like
> bank or some such where entran selects every field with fuckin mouse, cause
> they cant bother to know that there ara button right under the finger that tkes
> one to next field. And I bet if you come to same entrant after couple of yers
> he/she will still be doing same thing.
a) they are accustomed to it,
b) it works fine,
c) nobody told them better?
Also, I should say that most operators actually know about Tab.
> Pandering to ignorance and "making things user friendly" does not solve shit.
> Ever heard saying about making shit idiot proof? It's just a chalange for
> nature to make better idiots. To improve society one needs to educati people.
You want to make everyone major in CS? I got some news for you, I guess.
Making things user friendly DOES solve shit, I'm talking from
experience. There is a trend to use Ubuntu arising here, and Ubuntu
breaks in such funny ways with almost every update that WinXP just
chokes envily. And people say "hey, what the fuck is this shit", and
they're back to Windows, where Microsoft ensures software
compatibility and developers are not from Cloud Cuckoo Land, either.
Those stong who survive are usually people who like programming to some extent.
Or to Mac, y'know. My uncle uses Mac, and their support centers can do
everything in a day. He even never upgrades his OS himself. I
understand him, because nobody has got time for this shit out there.
> Sure there is compasion and stuff, no everyone has time to achieve even
> moderatly in depth knowledge of computers. But man things should have limits,
> and sometimes it seems to me that in current world almost everyone is spouting
> endless compasion. Or maybe just everyone likes the concept of non existent
> personal responsibilty. And of course there always are such nice wendors like
> apple who are there to "remove your confusion" for a price of course.
I see nothing wrong in providing technical support for money. (And
user-friendliness too). It's like taking advice from doctor: you pay
for visit, although it seems that he has not done much. You pay him
for the fact that he knows better than you. (Although Apple guys
actually fix your stuff, eliminating the need to go to farmacy).
If you can't bear the fact that somebody can know better, well, sucks
to be you. To me, your mail is just another sign of elitism. "People
are so fucking stupid, they can't use broken software! Come on, spend
five years, learn something about computers!"
Go tell your mom she needs to learn shit about Linux kernel, next time
it breaks. Or that she needs to switch from Windows to OpenBSD because
it's somehow better. You won't do this, right? So stop being a zealot.
It does not suit you well.
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