Re: [dev] [st] Need help implementing combining characters

From: Alexander Sedov <>
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 15:32:59 +0400

Okay, so the rendering is expectedly nearly as before.
The real problem we have here is that most TrueType monospace font
designers do not care about combining characters, as opposed to X font
designers. (Saying about which, X font support in st is now HORRIBLY
broken for me for some arcane reason). Qouting for example DejaVu page
on topic: :
> In DejaVu Sans Mono combining marks look like any other monospaced glyph
GTK+ apps use Pango library for magical work around this unfortunate
fact. URxvt uses another approach that can be summarized as "do Xft
work" (by looking throughout URxvt code base, one understands that
they are really tired of this shit; transparency support in Xft, for
example, is yet another wonder, and we're lucky we ain't touching it).
They create buffer for XftGlyphSpec and then proceed manually getting
extents for each character and forcing it into appropriate,
hand-calculated coordinates. This seems to work.
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