Re: [dev] [st] Need help implementing combining characters

From: Alexander Sedov <>
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 16:16:42 +0400

2013/4/22 Alexander Sedov <>:
> URxvt uses another approach that can be summarized as "do Xft
> work" (by looking throughout URxvt code base, one understands that
> they are really tired of this shit; transparency support in Xft, for
> example, is yet another wonder, and we're lucky we ain't touching it).
> They create buffer for XftGlyphSpec and then proceed manually getting
> extents for each character and forcing it into appropriate,
> hand-calculated coordinates. This seems to work.
Looks like I lied. What they do is drawing all combined runes on top
of each other, first with fg, bg and others with fg, Color_none. They
also replace combined rune pair with one rune from PRIVATE_USE when
writing text to a terminal and then expanding it elsewhere, but that's
irrelevant. So, the only solution I see here is write a specific
function for drawing one combined character sequence and always break
normal drawing on them. May be slow, but at least it will work.
Fuck you, Xft.

Best regards, Alexander Sedov.
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