[dev] st: Large pile of code

From: Kent Overstreet <kent.overstreet_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2013 17:27:50 -0700

First off - nice work!

Awhile back I started hacking on st in my spare time. I haven't added
anything earth shaking - the majority of what I've been doing has been
refactoring and rewriting bits to make the code better.

Anyways, the way I've been doing things has diverged enough that I don't
know if you'll want to pull in my changes (I follow the linux kernel
coding style, for one) - if it's too different a direction from what you
guys prefer that's ok.

Unfortunately, I think I waited a bit too long to send this so if you
guys do want to merge my changes in that's going to be a pain... but, if
you like what I've been doing I can start working on that.

Also, one of the big things I did was to libraryize the terminal
emulation code, and decouple it from the renderer. I figure there's
enough terminal emulators out there (including things like tmux) we
really should have a good library for this sort of thing instead of
reinventing the wheel all the time. Makes the code easier to understand
too, I think.

If you want to have a look, my git repo is

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