Re: [dev] [dwm] usage, was "dwm 6.0 - separate taglists for muli-monitor setup"

From: Julien Richefeu <>
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2013 06:48:16 +0200

On 23/04/2013 21:18, Paul Hoffman wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 08:34:14PM +0200, Markus Teich wrote:
>>>> It has been argued before that the use of named tags is somewhat a
>>>> misunderstanding of dwm.
>>> Yeah, it's was a misnomer. Personally, I was thinking about workspaces, but
>>> I always called it tags.
>> My tag usage is inspired by this blogpost [0].
>> I have tags for:
>> * generic terminal usage
>> * web surfing
>> * communication
>> * media
>> * development
>> * office
>> * three other generic tags
>> However i use this tagnames rather as a guideline than as a strict
>> rule. Sometimes when i have filled up my dev-tag with a few
>> terminals, i open another terminal in the web tag (since it mostly
>> only holds my web browser) to write some code with the docu in the
>> browser on the side. This way i don't have the screen filled with
>> unused terminals.
>> Is there an even more efficient way of using dwm? How do _you_ use it?
> I don't know why anyone would care, really, but since you ask...
> I started with a similar arrangement, but after a while I got tired of
> tweaking things and just defined 30 different tags (" ", "a" through
> "z", "1" through "3"). " " is for my main terminal window (running
> tmux) and "1" through "3" are places I stick windows to keep them out of
> the way; the others are topical ("c" for calendar stuff, "m" for mail)
> or host-specific ("f" for frodo, "s" for smaug, etc.).
> It's not perfect but I like having a bunch of tags, and getting back to
> my main terminal window is quick and easy (Mod4-Space). Also, I
> normally hide the status bar but occasionally I want to see it, and then
> the short tag names keep it from being too wide.
> I've also patched dwm so that a window named "+CHAR" (e.g., "+g") is
> assigned tag CHAR, which lets me do things like this:
> $ urxvtc -name +f ...(something that "f" is a good mnemonic for)...&
> (Yeah, I like st but I'm not ready to switch yet.)
> Paul.
In case of need, I have already applied the patch on my dwm 6 branch and
it works like a charm.

BTW, I use dwm with multiple monitor with different resolution in a
context where the larger screen is used for works (terminal, vim on code
source, wireshark, ...) and the other one for personal and support stuff
(mail, web, professional chat, mplayer, ...). In other way, the
behavior introduce by the patch respond exactly at one of my need.


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