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From: Thorsten Glaser <>
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2013 20:12:54 +0000 (UTC)

Edgaras dixit:

>Well it fails to compile on PI for me

What OS? What error message?

There was a period where a bug in GCC prevented a configure time
check from working. In mksh R45 (released yesterday), the entire
arithmetics code has been rewritten to not use signed integers,
making that check obsolete, so if you got an error about a check
with ari_sign_32_bit_and_wrap retry with R45.

Otherwise… mksh is part of Debian/armel and Raspbian.

>though admitedly I haven't givent it enough time maybe, also it's
>build system is not suckless, to say it lightly, 2.5K lines
>shellscript does not sound reasonable.

It is when you look at the list of systems supported.

>This custom build system might be responsible why I can not build it
>on PI

No, rather the other way round. Actually, it’s much better
than say, GNU autoconf, because the checks have dependencies,
and useless checks aren’t even run…

>it fails to give any reasonable error message, some compile time
>assertion fails, what a heck is that.

Ah. That indeed is the GCC bug I mentioned earlier (GCC PR55009).
The thing is, at the point you reached, the build script did not
know about the GCC problem, and aborting there was the only sane
failure mode because, in my opinion, better you get no mksh than
one that cannot calculate correctly.

An assertion is something that the author of the software thinks
to be always true, so if it isn’t, something fishy happened. The
packager is normally the person to compile the shell, not an end
user, and they’d contact upstream using IRC or mailing lists and
ask (though, the issue was documented on the mksh webpage).

But, yesterday’s release of mksh R45 was done to precisely address
this problem. Please give it a try.

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