[dev] WebKitGTK/surf problems

From: Peter A. Shevtsov <petr.shevtsov_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 28 May 2013 11:21:37 +0700


I'm sending this mail to two lists -- CRUX and Suckless Developers, so some things
may seem obvious, while others not.

Is it just me or is there any problems with how WebKitGTK is built from CRUX ports?

So, I build WebKitGTK from this Pkgfile[0] and surf[1] from this one[2].

I have the following problems with these builds:

1. WebInspector doesn't work correctly. It opens the pane, but I see its html source
code instead of the actual UI. I faced the same with other WebKitGTK-based browser

2. From time to time surf just "hangs" and doesn't respond, so I have to kill its


[0] http://crux.nu/gitweb/?p=ports/contrib.git;a=blob_plain;f=webkit/Pkgfile;hb=3.0
[1] http://surf.suckless.org/
[2] https://bitbucket.org/severusweb/ports/raw/71cadb6e225ebf2b650974630cdfb9560a6915d9/surf/Pkgfile

Peter A. Shevtsov
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