[dev] Suckless Laser GUI

From: Charlie Paul <charlieap_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2013 14:30:12 -0700


I'm working for a lab, and I'm making a piece of software to control a
table full of optical elements (mirrors, lasers, and detectors). I wrote a
nice little interface to the hardware in C, but now I need to make a way
for the user to control the elements (move mirrors, turn stuff on and off,
change wavelength, and so on). It needs to be operated with mouse only (no
room for keyboard on table), and needs to be graphical (since it should
match up to the layout of the table).

Now, my issue is choosing a GUI library. GTK and QT are big, and I don't
want to have to install a dynamic language to do Tk. However, I do need to
be able to do custom drawing (for the table elements on-screen). What GUI
for C fits the bill?


Charles Paul
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