Re: [dev] coreutils / moreutils - DC a directory counter

From: Chris Down <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013 19:58:54 +0200

On 17 July 2013 19:43, Calvin Morrison <> wrote:
> The name still this has nothing to do with the utility of the
> statement. Please focus the conversation on that.

If you are going to release things to mailing lists (especially this
one), you are going to have to stop acting so personally offended that
people bring up problems that are outside of the domain you were
expecting. That your program shares the name as a standardised utility
is a perfectly legitimate concern; acting like a small child when
people try to help you out is not conducive to good relations with
others. This is a mailing list, this isn't a "talk about what I want
to talk about" list.

There is very little that irritates me more than people who reject
feedback after explicitly asking for it.

> Could we focus on the merit of the utility?

I cannot imagine any period in time where this would have been useful
for me over a simple `set -- * && echo "$#"', but whatever floats your
boat. Dependencies are much more costly than a small amount of time
saved (and dirs with >100k files are very niche).
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