[dev] [st] [bug?] black, defaultbg, and altscreen

From: Timothy L. <query.v_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2013 18:28:35 -0400

Hi, I've noticed a very minor issue when the first color (black) and
'defaultbg' are not set to the same color. I've attached a diff which
demonstrates the issue if you do the following:

1. open a st window
2. run 'man st'

Part of the background will initially be whatever color 'black' is set to
(red if you applied the diff) rather than defaultbg. It only happens once
for each new instance of st and can be cleared by simply resizing the
window or scrolling down.

I've also noticed that if allowaltscreen is set to false the problem
doesn't happen, but that has its own drawbacks.

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