Re: [dev][st][RFC] Removing the -o option

From: Roberto E. Vargas Caballero <>
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2013 20:40:12 +0200

> I feel like this functionality could be removed from st in favor of
> "script" even though it would only remove a few lines of code at
> best. What is this lists opinion on this matter?

Well, I added this functionality when I began to colaborate in st, and
it was very useful for me and Christoph because you could see the
sequences a program was wnitten inmediatly with something like:

        st -o - | cat -v -u (cat -v harmful, use better vis ;)).

In some moment we realized we could use other tools for this task,
but in all the cases we found problems with buffering. I remember
we found a way of doing it correctly, but we thought the code
added for -o was so small, that it was better kept it.

The things are different now, because the work needed in st is
different, st is enough stable, and we don't have to catch what
sequences we are missing. Maybe in some cases you have to look
the sequences a program writes, but you don't need see them in
real time.

So, I think that althouh it was very useful and it takes only
a few of lines, it is not necessary now, and complicates the
manual page adding a option that usual users is not going to

So I vote positive to this change (the hack is so easy that
I am pretty sure if we remove it, we will always can revert
the commit easily).

Best regards,

Roberto E. Vargas Caballero
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