[dev] [dvtm] [PATCH] Reduce terminal output / flicker.

From: Mark Edgar <medgar123_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2013 00:45:51 +0200

I noticed dvtm sometimes has a bit of "flicker" and also produces more
terminal output than is necessary. The first patch below changes
refresh() calls to wnoutrefresh() to make all updates occur right
before dvtm goes to sleep in select(). I've been using this for
several weeks now and it seems to work well.

The patch for redraw() gives a more satisfying screen refresh effect
by clearing the terminal before redrawing it. It may not be noticeable
on a local system or over a low latency connection, and is really only
useful when applied in tandem with the doupdate() patch.

I found that when a non-visible window (either a minimized window or,
in fullscreen layout, a window other than the selected one) is
receiving lots of data, the cursor flickers noticably even though the
screen is not being updated. The attached patch seems to work for me,
but it has only been lightly tested.

Finally, a small patch which eliminates clear_workspace().


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