Re: [dev] portable photoshop-like lite application based on C?

From: Hadrian Węgrzynowski <>
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2013 23:50:02 +0100


On 2013-12-02, 12:00:10
Calvin Morrison <> wrote:

> You can do quite advanced image manipulation with something like
> ImageMagick.

That can be very powerful. Many times it's also quite intuitive. I
would prefer separate tools for most of the actions though.

I would like to have something like xsel [0], but for graphics. Then I
could copy image from web browser and use it easily in CLI.

> I actually like prog21.dagum's ideas [0] (no idea who he is), a purely
> functional, non destructive editing program

That's also how I would see it.

> Here would be my idea: A scripting window for commands, a graphics
> window which shows the image buffer, and also allows recording of
> mouse actions (as to script functions like select)

This is similar to one of my ideas about such program.

I would also like to see this as a graphical shell with a graphical
terminal. If this would be reasonably fast it could be also used as a
base for suckless GUI toolkit. Of course input handling remains.

How such suckless GUI toolkit could be implemented? Maybe VFS? Maybe
for start just a X program using stdin/stdout?


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