Re: [dev] tabbed - why?

From: Michael Hauser <>
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2014 18:30:04 +0100

Calvin Morrison writes:
> I'm not sure why tabbed exist when it's a window management feature.
> for example i3, a tiling window manager supports tabs as part of it's
> stacking methods. (see attachment)
> What's the rational reason for it to exist, other than dwm needs to
> stay under x amount of lines of code?
> Just wondering,
> Calvin

UNIX philosophy: One tool/program does one thing, and does it rightly.

I, myself haven't found a usecase for tabbed yet(most used interfaces:
tmux,dwm,luakit), but perhaps one day; I'll know what tool to look up.

cheers, mih

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