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From: Michael Hauser <>
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2014 18:37:28 +0100 writes:
> Hi,
> This answer by Christoph reminds me of something I wanted to ask:
> * Christoph Lohmann 2014-02-17 17:47
> > For surf you should mention the following points:
> >
> > * Integration with tabbed.
> I like the generality of the approach -- everithing should be embeddable
> the same way in a container with uniform bindings etc. Sounds great. But
> I've been entirely missing the point of tabbed ever since.
> I mean wmii (later dwm, tiling WMs in general) relieved me of thinking
> in terms of tabs because it managed what was unmanagable before. I've
> never touched anything with tabs for years now.
> Can you guys describe some life-changing use cases? (or point me to
> RTF*)

Well, I could imagine hacking through my luakit configuration one day in
the future: to change all 'open [in new] tab' to 'open new window', and
the convenience would be that I don't need to memorize 2 separate ways
of handling windows. As tabs are really just another way of presenting

OTOH I've got quite a trained muscle memory already, so why bother?

cheers, mih

> thanks
> cheers
> --s_

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