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From: Markus Teich <>
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2014 21:34:46 +0100 wrote:
> Can you guys describe some life-changing use cases? (or point me to RTF*)

Recently I had an idea, but I don't use it yet.
I have my dwm keybindings heavily modified and customized to my keyboard layout
(neo2). I am only using the letter and function keys(for LCD backlight and other
seldomly used convenience functions). I do not use number keys, all my ten tags
are spread over the letter keys. I also managed to use the remaining few letter
keys for use with tabbed (same modifier key). Therefore I can use tabbed as
neatly integrated, as if it would be a feature of dwm. Now I am planning to
update my dwm config to always run st inside a tabbed instance. Then I can
quickly create a new st instance as a dwm client or as a new tab in an existing
st client. I also plan on using this with surf by adding a keybinding to dwm,
opening surf inside tabbed. This should lead me to a more flexible way of
web browsing since I can open up a new dwm client with surf as easily as I can
open up a new st client. Since > 90% of my dwm clients are either st or surf,
this should be a usefull extension to my current setup.

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