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Late reply, but surfing around reminded me you were about to write about

* Martin Kopta 2014-02-17 07:58
> Next, the forth article will be about surf, so if you have any suggestion on
> what to include, please share.

Looks like your audience has high technical pawareness. Still, I feel,
one can't emphasize enough how insane the web has become.

For example, consider the mere fact http is called http. The first /t/
in it is for text. Now it is used to embed and transfer whatnots. Worse:
often, where could and should be text, the text is obfuscated in binary

That said, suckless web browser is an oxymoron: it sucks either at
design or at the amount of content accessible.

Surf is a particular trade-off of what is worth caring about and giving
the user interface to. Uzbl is another one, w3m another one, dillo,
netsurf, etc.

Surf is a sane interface to a web and web-viewer that do inevitably
suck big time.

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