[dev] [dwm] Why fullscreen at all?

From: Michael Hauser <awarewater_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2014 20:38:29 +0100


considering dwm already manages clients perfectly in a 'fullscreen' way
(monocle), this question arises:

Why let applications that have their own fullscreen settings take away
control from the window manager?

Use case: I'm using mainly two tags and monocle layout; tag 1 is the
one I am working on and the other I use to get currently unused apps out
of the way.

Now, apps like FBReader (Firefox, feh, …you name it) have this special
'fullscreen' mode that hides toolbars, tabbars, etc… which is most of
the time the way the state I like them in.

I think that there shouldn't be a difference for dwm in this case at

E.g.: I want leave FBReader in 'fullscreen' mode and be able to cycle to
other clients.

This nags me since the last 'fullscreen' thread and I humbly ask to
consider writing a patch that lets apps think that they are really
fullscreen when in fact they are not.

Further this whole concept of 'fullscreen' seem horribly broken to me in
the days of dynamic window management.

Sincerly, mih

'aware water' is an anagram for 'we are at war'
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