Re: [dev] [dwm] Why fullscreen at all?

From: <>
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2014 01:51:09 +0100

* Michael Hauser 2014-02-24 01:13
> writes:
> > I may be missing something, but for most applications, unfloating them
> > works just fine to "return control", in your terms, to the dwm: they get
> > managed while they think they are full screen. (Here at least. I should
> > admit I didn't try with a recent dwm)
> I am using dwm-git, version number says 6.1; and no, they do not become
> floating clients.
> I tried it with feh, FBRreader and just fired up Firefox and hit F11 to
> toggle it to fullscreen.

After they get fullscreen, they float, I guess. If you now toggle
floating (Mod-Shift-Space here) they should get managed, shouldn't they?
My binding:

        { MODKEY|ShiftMask, XK_space, togglefloating, {0} },

> > If these few more keystrokes bug you, probably adding a rule which makes
> > the fullscreen windows managed could do the job for you.
> Elaborate, please. How would you do this?

In the Rule array in config.h, e.g. (untested):

        static Rule rules[] = {
                /* class instance title tags mask isfloating monitor */
                {"fullscrean", NULL, NULL, NULL, False, -1},

You need to figure out what class, title, etc. your windows have.

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