Re: [dev][project] soap - a simple xdg-open replacement

From: Chris Down <>
Date: Sun, 4 May 2014 15:58:39 +0100

7heo writes:
> Your first use of the word 'instance' in your answer is very probably
> intended to have the sense 4 in this definition:

That's a rather convoluted way of putting it, I meant what Google gives
as definition 1 for "instance": "an example".

> However, I can't understand what the second "instance" means.
> Especially due to the presence of the word "existing" prior to it. Is
> it instance as in OOP instance?

My seconds use is perhaps a little unclear, sorry. I meant "the shell
quoting [method used in soap] does not handle existing instances [of
single quotes] inside single quotes".

In this case, instance means "single occurrence of something", also
definition one given by "define instance" on Google. :-)

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