[dev] [surf] WebKit1 deprecated

From: YpN <ypn_AT_autistici.org>
Date: Sun, 25 May 2014 18:54:06 +0200


I plan to use surf as my primary browser and few weeks ago I decided
to compile WebKitGTK 2.4.0. After that release, WebKit1 won't be
included[1] in the tarballs.
Actually, I like to compile the last WebKitGTK release for my favourite
browsers. Could you tell me if it changes something for us?
If I'm not wrong, surf only works with WBK1 API. Do we need to stick
with <2.4?
Before you replace WebKit by something sane (TODO[2] mentions it), will
you adapt it to the new API (I'm not saying it's necessary)? What the
future of surf?

That makes many questions, but I'm curious and interested...


[1] http://blogs.igalia.com/carlosgc/2014/03/24/webkitgtk-2-4-0-the-multiprocess-made-easy/
[2] http://git.suckless.org/surf/tree/TODO.md
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