Re: [dev] Lightweight, non-bloated, fast image viewer?

From: Bert Münnich <>
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2014 15:29:07 +0200

On 14.06.14, patrick295767 patrick295767 wrote:
> sxiv is lightweight and also uses imlib2 giblib, but I regret that it
> recommends to need libexif and libjs-jquery.

Just some corrections:

sxiv's libexif and giflib dependencies are optional and can be turned
off at compile time. It does not use giblib, don't know where you got
this from, and libjs-jquery must be pulled in by (a badly built?) imlib2
package. Furthermore, it directly uses the old-school xlib API and
ignores all the font-rendering stuff built into imlib2.

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