Re: [dev] Looking for simple, alpha supporting image format

From: Raphaël Proust <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2014 15:14:43 +0100

On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 1:09 PM, Weldon Goree <> wrote:
> Now that I say that, I wonder if serial storage of the color channels
> would compress better, since you'll generally have low-frequency content
> for most of the channels most of the time.

Interesting idea. I'd be interested in knowing wether it actually
compresses better.

Also interesting is that, in order to have file access patterns that
don't confuse the OS too much, you'd need to change some of the
algorithms. Even simple things like grey-scaling you would need to do
colour-wise pixel-wise (i.e., inverting the nesting of the for-loops
in the code).

One of the disadvantages of the approach would be that you'd need to
wait until you've received all of the data before you can actually put
something significant on the screen (which is the complete opposite of
what jpeg gets you).

Raphaël Proust
Received on Thu Jul 17 2014 - 16:14:43 CEST

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