Re: [dev] Looking for simple, alpha supporting image format

From: Weldon Goree <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2014 17:39:39 +0530

On 07/17/2014 02:43 PM, FRIGN wrote:
> I love this approach! Instead of trying to compress the image in the
> format itself (like PNG), we just leave it to the compressor to
> determine certain similarities and patterns.
> I suppose LZMA will give even better results.

I'm thinking back to my DSP class and trying to remember why time domain
storage like this isn't in favor with most of the image formats. I guess
TD storage limits you to lossless compression (you can lossy-ly compress
frequency domain data and the brain is apparently more forgiving of the
artifacts. Or so they say). And now that I think of it, this is roughly
the image equivalent of PCM audio, isn't it? (Except that PCM has a more
complex header, and the channels are stored sequentially rather than

Now that I say that, I wonder if serial storage of the color channels
would compress better, since you'll generally have low-frequency content
for most of the channels most of the time.

On that note, I'm now curious how this format would handle line
noise/steganography. I'll report back if I find anything interesting on
either question.

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