Re: [dev] [RFC] Design of a vim like text editor

From: Kartik Agaram <>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2014 13:15:34 -0700

> > automatically insert the comment sign at the beginning of the next line
> How does this work in vim?

Based on 'textwidth', lines are wrapped automatically to the next line
as you type. If the lines start with a comment leader like '#', the
leader is copied into the next line along with whitespace at the start
of the line.

(I've been messing with this aspect of vim lately.)

> Can someone explain how vim manages the jumplist? What happens if you
> go back a couple of times then perform new movements where are they
> ordered relatively to the ones which were just skipped over?

I think the skipped movements are forgotten. It's like the undo list
used to be before vim added multi-level undo.
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