[dev] A new FIFO based tox client

From: Dimitris Papastamos <sin_AT_2f30.org>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2014 20:57:51 +0100

Hi all,

Me and FRIGN started working on a simple FIFO based tox client called
ratox[0]. I started working on it initially because of my frustration
trying to get toxic/uTox to build and run properly under OpenBSD.

For those not familiar with tox, have a look at https://tox.im/.

I made an initial release today. The client supports file transfers,
1-1 chatting, encrypted data files, IPv6, TCP socks5 proxy support,
offline messaging, offline transfers (yes really!) and UTF-8.

Some features were simply a convenient consequence of the FIFO design.

We aim to have audio support via toxav in 0.2. The idea is that you
can have an external program like arecord/aplay or aucat to pipe an input
audio stream into the `call_in' FIFO. Similarly you can pipe out of
the `call_out' FIFO and into aplay/aucat. Video support will be implemented

To learn more about how to use it, have a look at the website below
(courtesy of FRIGN, thanks!). The same information can be found in
the README in the repo[1].

It feels quite stable at the moment and trivial to operate.

External scripts can be built on top of the FIFO interface. I want
to have a balance between usability and programmability. ratox can and
should be easy to use without external scripts.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

[0] http://ratox.2f30.org/
[1] http://git.2f30.org/ratox/
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