Re: [dev] patch for bell in st

From: CustaiCo <>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2014 04:54:59 +0000

>I like the idea of the patch, but I would like know how this function
>works. I mean, you say that you can have a process listenning for the
>event, but, what happens if you don't have such process?

From the manual pages

>If a compatible keyboard extension isn't present in the X server,
>XkbBell calls XBell with the specified display and percent,
>and returns False. Otherwise, XkbBell calls XkbDeviceBell
>with the specified display, window, percent, and name, a device_spec
>of XkbUseCoreKbd, a bell_class of XkbDfltXIClass, and a bell_id
>of XkbDfltXIId, and returns True.

XkbDeviceBell would just call XBell in that instance, unless they had
turned it off or they had their X server set up to respond differently
to that event. In fact, it seems that both events get called most of the
time unless you use XkbDeviceForceBell or have AudibleBell set to off.

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