Re: [dev] [PATCH] [st] Fix issues with wcwidth() returning -1 for unsupported unicode chars

From: dequis <>
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2014 22:37:16 -0300

On 26 October 2014 19:36, Dmitrij D. Czarkoff <> wrote:
> Apparently no workaround is needed - just use sane libc or avoid using
> new codepoints until glibc fixes that. Or, if you won't feel dirty
> after that, send a patch to glibc instead.

'Just using musl' doesn't seem feasible given a glibc-based system -
it's easier for smaller programs, but in the case of st i'd have to
rebuild xlib, xcb, xft, freetype, fontconfig, etc (and their
dependencies) against musl. Not to mention that musl doesn't implement
unicode 7.0 either, only up to 6.2.

Avoiding using new codepoints is not really an option either, they
just appear in messages written by other people and result in
unreadable/invisible lines.

They offset columns by -1, so with enough characters, they can make a
whole line appear as empty. My workaround until now was to open a
different terminal emulator just to read the 'missing' lines.

I'd say that knowingly allowing that kind of rendering glitch is a bad idea.
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