[dev] [PATCH] [st] Use inverted defaultbg/fg for selection when bg/fg are the same

From: dequis <dx_AT_dxzone.com.ar>
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2014 23:01:24 -0300

The background/foreground of selected text is currently set by setting
ATTR_REVERSE, which flips its normal bg/fg. When the text being
selected has the same bg and fg, it won't be readable after selecting
it, either.

This may sound silly - my main use case is IRC channels using color
codes for black-on-black to mark 'spoilers'.

This patch allows that text to be read by selecting it, turning it
into text with white bg and black fg (given default values for
defaultbg/fg), just like most normal unformatted text when selected.

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