[dev] [sbase] expr

From: Evan Gates <evan.gates_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2014 21:00:32 -0800

I saw in sbase's TODO that expr had been imported from OpenBSD and
needed "replacing or cleaning up." I decided to give it a try with
yacc. It turned out very different from what I expected due to the
need to convert between strings and numbers. It's about 3.5x smaller
than the existing implementation. I'd like feedback, particularly on
whether or not the use of yacc is suckless here. If you like the
implementation I'd be happy to finish cleaning it up and change it to
sbase style.

I've attached it to the email and provided a link[0].


[0] http://sprunge.us/WBPF

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